Why I bought a fake birth certificate online

For years, I’ve been a professional runner who has competed in a number of triathlons. A few years back, I discovered a racing even that was taking place where individuals between the ages of 18 to 40 could complete. It was all apart of some promotional event for those under 40 by a popular shoe company that was reaching it’s fortieth birthday. I wanted to enter but was 42 and past their cutoff. I found it entirely unfair and discovered a loophole when I spotted an online company that made fake birth certificates. I used it to gain entry into the race and this is my story about how all of this went down.

When I first knew that I wasn’t going to be able to race, it bothered me. I knew even at 42, I was a better runner than most of the younger racers. At first I called up he promoters to ask how the would even verify my age.

We will need a copy of your driver’s license.

I don’t drive. What else?

A copy of your birth certificate will do?

OK, Great.

I knew then that it was very important that the race contain people who were 40 years or age or younger, and me just saying that I was the right age was not going to cut it. I had to do something. The birth certificate talk gave me an idea and had me looking online for ways to get a fake birth certificate.

How did you order a fake birth certificate online?

I discovered a website that offered them. They claimed they were designed after hospital-issued ones. So, I placed an order just like that. It was very easy because all they needed was my mother and father’s name, the hospital, my name, gender, etc. I pretty much copied mine down to the tee but altered the date of birth to put me right at forty years of age.

In the end, the company produced my very own custom certificate and shipped it to me. The next day I had it photocopied and dropped it off at with the race promoter.

Here is my birth certificate copy

O.K., Thank you.

Do you need anything else form me?

No, everything here looks GREAT! Enjoy the race!

I was never questioned about my age once again. In the end, I enjoyed the race and finished #8 out of 200 racers! I was surprised with myself. Now, was ordering such a product the right thing to do? Maybe. I don’t believe that I should have been kept from my dreams either.

What is a Fake Cosmetology Certificate or License and where can I buy one?

What is a Fake Cosmetology Certificate? Is it the same as a fake Cosmetology License?

There are many different kinds of fake certificates available for sale online, and fake cosmetology certificates are just one of them. A fake cosmetology certificate is just what it sounds like. Usually sold as a replacement, a fake cosmetology certificate is a replication of your real cosmetology certificate or licence you would need to display at your place of work. The terms certificate and license can pretty much be used interchangeably in the same context.

What information do I need when ordering a fake cosmetology certificate or fake cosmetology license?

It’s necessary to display your name, where you studied or completed your necessary hours, location of where you are certified to practice, services you are licensed to perform, and applicable dates. A more experienced fake certificate printing company will also allow you to choose details on your chosen paper, graphics, and/or seals.

Where can I order a fake cosmetology certificate or fake cosmetology license?

At Novelty Certifications we currently offer a fake cosmology certificates. Samples are available upon request, to preview our work before it ships out.