Obama’s Fake Birth Certificate? Come on!

is obama's fake birth certificate a big joke?
a photo of obama birth certificate! it’s jake!

These days when talk from the “birthers” come out about the President’s birth certificate not being real and hundreds of forums and social media sites displaying picture after picture of phony documents, what gets lost in all on this is just how it easy for people to make or buy their own fake birth certificates online. When people fail to realize this, they believe any scandal is real and the proof legit, when more often than not, it isn’t.

Still, have often have you heard this genius phrase?

I saw the Obama birth certificate on the internet, so it has to be TRUE! Right?

The internet is full of people running their mouth on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook about the President’s birth certificate, all of which have entirely no clue at all.

Sorry, Sherlock but no. There are many internet rumors that have been created throughout the years. This is why people who are new to the internet often believe everything they see and those who have been around the block a few times, have serious doubts when something seems suspicious. The internet is an unregulated pile of information. Some of it is good, some of it is complete junk. Some of the more popular phony stories that have made their way across the ‘web and fooled uneducated viewers have been stories about a new company making soap out of baby parts and yes, even Obama’s birth certificate concerns which were later put to rest by the state.

Wait, you can actually get fake birth certificates?

Believe it or not, yes. Some website allow you generate free birth certificates online and a phony image of one is created. In an attempt to capitalize on the birther issue, one site has even created a place to generate a fake Kenya birth certificate. Of course, people use this computer generated documents and pass the along on the web which only further pushes ahead rumors and talk of conspiracies, if only those that take the bait are too dumb to realize the truth.

Other sites actually sell custom made fake birth certificates which use common hospital-issued layouts for such certs. The layouts are then customized with your submitted details. In most cases, sites like this will ask for the name of the person being born, their mother’s name, their’s father name, the name and location of the hospital, gender, and time and date of the live birth. When the final document is produced and shipped to the buyer, people are surprised about the quality. These sample sort of documents are easy to scan and post on sites, just like computer generated fake birth certificates.